Pandi Curry

Pandi Curry – a uniquely sour, spicy pork curry from the Kodava region of Karnataka. Arguably, the best pork curry on the planet.

Hariyali Chicken Tikka

This easy, healthy chicken appetizer is a definite crowd pleaser at dinner parties. The tikkas are flavored with fresh herbs and India spices, but apart by their texture! They are slightly charred on the outside but melt in your mouth once you bite in!

Sunday Mutton Curry with Potatoes

Succulent mutton (goat-meat) cooked in a Lucknow-style curry. You’ll love the flavors from the aromatic spices, the not too-rich gravy, and the soft potatoes that soak it all up so well!

Grilled Fig & Pear Salad

A savory fruit salad that’s good for a light lunch or as a side. It’s got grilled figs and fresh pear for sweetness, a balsamic vinaigrette and salty bits of ricotta to make it pop!

Mango Sorbet

A light and creamy all-natural dessert, bursting with mango flavor. It’s also one of those unicorn desserts that’s fat-free and contains zero added-sugar. The perfect healthy alternative to ice-cream!

Mutton Dum Biryani

Possibly the most loved mutton & rice dish across India! A definite on the menu for celebrations and festivals. Pretty much every region and community has their own version. This one is an amalgamation of recipes handed down on both sides of my family, as well as some useful tips shared by friends over the years!

Katsu Curry

A mild, flavorful Japanese Curry served with rice and a crispy, succulent cutlet. Can be made with your choice of protein: Chicken, Pork or Paneer if you are vegetarian!

Red Velvet Brownies

These double-deckered brownies have a deep chocolaty layer at the bottom and a tangy cheesecake layer on top. Their signature red swirls just add a little more magic!

Focaccia Garden

A cheery Italian appetizer or side, flavored with Olive Oil, Garlic and Rosemary! Goes great with soup; is also perfect to mop up stew or pasta sauce.

Fish Curry with Kokum

Pomfret cooked in a hot & sour, coconut curry. This curry gets its characteristic taste from Kokum, and its bright red colour from Byadgi Chilies. Its the quintessential Konkan fish curry-rice!

Ginger & Black Pepper Chicken Wings

These sports-bar style chicken wings are a great appetizer to serve when you have guests over, or even for a night in, watching the game on TV. They’ve got just the right amount of heat from freshly ground black pepper & ginger, and are best served with a chilled beverage of your choice 🍺

Rum & Raisin Blondies

Golden, buttery blondies that are crisp at the edges, and soft & chewy in the middle. You’ll taste a caramelized raisin, and a slight kick of rum, in every bite!

Simple Broccoli Soup

A simple, vegetarian soup that’s hearty enough to serve as a meal in a bowl. A Broccoli base, flavored with rosemary, pepper and paprika.


Eggs poached in a tangy tomato sauce; a popular Mediterranean breakfast dish that has most ingredients in common with an Indian Masala Omlette or Egg Burji!