Did you know that the Bee Gees worked as cooks in an Asian restaurant before they made it big in Music? Well, you can tell by the way they use their Wok! 🎶

Hi, I’m L, and I’m a poor-jokeaholic (among other things). Several years ago, I considered applying to culinary school but chose to enter the delightful world of corporate sales instead! (Ironically, to put food on the table). Nonetheless, the cooking bug has its mandibles sunk in pretty deep to date; and through trial & error my learning in the kitchen continues.

Most likely you’re here because of a shared passion for kitchen experiments, and to give one of the recipes on this blog a shot. Some of these are old family favorites, some are inspired by restaurant dishes that hit. the. spot. and just had to be simulated at home! Others, are originals 🙂

I also like replicating dishes by some of my favorite food bloggers and cook book authors, whom i look up to very much! You’ll see a couple of them here. Will share my notes and experience of trying these recipes, and of course link the original where possible.

While I enjoy 98% of the cooking process, the real appeal (for me) is being able to share a home-made meal with others, and to serve them a taste of joy, comfort or nostalgia. Its all about that taste! For most part, I prefer using fresh, local, easily available ingredients and making things from scratch. If this is your jam, follow along!🖖

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